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Do you want to loose weight? Gain weight? Become stronger?
Feel more energized? Have a healthier lifestyle?

You will get your tailored diet and training plan to follow. 

Every week you will know exactly what to do and see your progress through the app. Your coach will be there by your side helping you.

Let's go!

1 499 kr / month
Minimum 3 months


How does it work?


Planning session

We will talk through your life puzzle and together make a plan to make sure you reach your goal.

Planning is everything!


The start

To start on a schedule for diet/training or both, it's a lot of thinking in the beginning. Maybe it's new ingrediences in your recepies or exercises you never done before. But if you keps going as you always done, you will get the same results as you always got. Change demands change



We will track you results every week and do changes if neccessary. You will be able to see your results week for week directly in the app.

Are you loosing/gaining weight? having more energy? continously training? eating healthier? energized enough to play with your kids?


Diet/training schedule

After our planning session the making of your personal diet and training schedule takes place.

You will get your logins for the app where you where you will find all recipes and workouts. Every week you will know exactly what to eat and what training to do. 



Every week we will talk through your past week. What was good/bad? Want to change anything about the diet or training plan? This is crucial. It does not matter what your goal is, every week should take you a little bit closer to reaching your goal.


The journey

Was this a change of lifestyle? Maybe your ready to keep going by yourself now? Maybe you want to change your goals? reach even higher? Im here to help you to keep challenging yourself

Det känns att jag är lättare i kroppen och att jag orkar mer. Jag ser också på kroppen att saker händer. Någon gång har jag blivit sugen på något men alltså matupplägget gör att jag känner mig mätt och har energi, det är inte alls någon svältdiet. Så grymt!

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